Monday, October 01, 2012


Hello, I'm back! Things have been - not as busy as they were in IB (I am actually getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night, no kidding), but still busy. There's always some reading to do or some paper to write and I'm actually enjoying classes immensely, even though I have no clue how well I'm actually doing in them (my Roman history class, especially...). I'm not faring so well on the extracurricular front, because other than joining a Christian fellowship (which has been actually really good so far) and working two of my first shifts at Dining Services, I haven't gotten my lazy self to sign up for anything else so far. I think that after juggling so many things during IB and especially in RG, I've become somewhat of a commitment phobe - I'm scared of making my schedule too inflexible and having no time and getting stressed out and following that slippery slope down to academic devastation.

... But I'll work it out. I always do. (with a lot of help from the Big Guy Up There)

An Observation: food here looks much better than it tastes, in general. Also, many free food =/= happy tummy, especially when the many free food = the same kinds of food (I've had so many chocolate chip cookies today that I'm beginning to doubt my love for them). It also took me ages to find the hot water dispenser in the dining hall but now that I've found it, I have another non-cold alternative to hot chocolate!!! Go me. Also, I miss my salty butter. The butter here is, I think, of too good quality for my tastes :(

Another Observation: despite being "smart" and "talented" and "unique" and Princeton kids, we are really just that - kids... Preoccupied with the same kiddy problems that we've been grappling with for a while, and with new (also trivial) problems that crop up with the advent of college. It's hard not to take ourselves seriously but it's tremendously funny when one takes a step back and looks really hard at what we're upset, or thrilled, or confused, about.

For example, I have concluded that laundry is only really enjoyable when the laundry rooms are nice and empty. I absolutely detest reaching the room a mere 5 minutes after my washing/drying cycle ends and finding that someone has removed my clothes and placed them on a shelf too high for me to reach and of dubious cleanliness. (note the bitterness with which I say this, only possible with personal experience)

Well, I do miss Singapore - not acutely, not overwhelmingly, just at quiet moments that are not any less powerful. Obviously I miss the food and the stability and comfort of home and I miss people (my family, Z, Joy Jon Ains and other assorted close friends from school) but I also miss the city and even (for better or for worse) Orchard Road. I saw New York City at night (well, the Broadway area) and it's a far cry - or maybe it's just cause I haven't seen Times Square. Was commiserating with A today about this - how one could walk down Orchard Road in the middle of the night and still feel absolutely safe with all the bright lights everywhere. I don't know NYC enough to make a justified comparison but obviously no two cities are the same so how could Singapore ever be replaced, really? This is aggravated by the fact that Princeton is truly suburbia and a car is needed to get anywhere of consequence. Though one is never short of things to do on campus (and necessities are always available at convenience stores around), it still is a rather jarring change from city life. BUT WELL. I asked for this. And I actually enjoy the peace and quiet and the relative safety of the Orange Bubble and also the ability to walk anywhere around campus.

I certainly hope this post doesn't seem like I'm absolutely miserable here - I'm not (though I realise this sounds more defensive than anything, so - way to defeat my own purpose). It's just that everything takes some getting used to, and I can't just drop everything I had/felt for in Singapore and transfer my affections here.

Contemplating posting a bunch of letters.

Anyway, it's terribly quick but October is here already. 4 weeks to fall break (and turning 19)? That's amazingly close. I don't feel like I did anything of note over the past year of being eighteen, lol. I have a feeling time will fly here (as everyone tells me it does). I'm not sure if I want it to go faster or slower, though.

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