Wednesday, November 07, 2012


It makes me sad and angry when a Nobel-prize-winning professor is finishing up his lecture with his final concluding thoughts and everyone starts getting up and leaving as he is speaking just because he's going 2 minutes over time. I feel that we don't appreciate our situations or respect people around us enough. We can speak of lofty ideals of human rights, justice, morality and religion, but it's sad that we neglect the most basic of courtesies.

Post-fall-break: I have made quite a few friends, from a wide variety of backgrounds and activities. It's been nice to have random conversations with people and knowing that many families are safe (though inconvenienced considerably) despite the hurricane. My history midterm was further proof that God is with me all the time. I have been experiencing a strange lack of things to do because I finished quite a bit of work during the holidays and am simply waiting around for the cycle of things to kick in again - which it inevitably will. I can't say if I'm happy or sad about that. I'm excited about choosing classes for Spring 2013 though I'm jittery about taking five classes, 2 of which seem like toughies. But the Big Guy will see me through - and give me the conviction and humility to drop a class if I need to.

The days are getting shorter and I've experienced my first few days of Daylight Saving. It depresses me when 5pm rolls around and the last rays of sun vanish - it makes me want to stay indoors and not move at all. This is what is inhibiting me from partaking in more (non-alcoholic) nightlife, such as study breaks and movie screenings, etc etc. I need to overcome that inertia, but it's hard to considering the cold.

I'm very grateful, though, for Dave from Building Services who fixed up my heater on Friday and told me how to adjust it to an almost-permanent high! Coupled with the arrival of Zeke's Exciting Birthday Box, which almost made me cry, the day went from troubling to almost hysterical with joy. People are so good to me.

I miss going out in the humid, glowing nights of Singapore. Wish I was going back for winter break, but that seems a more and more distant possibility as time goes by :(

I'm not really brave. It makes me laugh sometimes.

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